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​Staff introduction



He used to compete in All Japan Motocross, but retired in 2004. Challenged AMA Supercross Anaheim 2 in January 2005.

Has been competing in Enduro since 2010. In 2010, he opened the off-road shop RISE&RIDE in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture.

On the course, he is active in multiple ways such as participating in races, running schools, and hosting races! I'm an enduro rider, but I love jumping!

If you have a request, I'll twist it (^^) ノ

​ Shopkeeper & Instructor & Rider Shuya Watanabe


Although not on all dates, I will be participating as a school assistant mainly on weekends!

I enjoy racing with my favorite KX125 and SEROW225 as much as I can, and enjoy fun rides for working people.

My first off-road bike was the SEROW225, and my first racer machine was the KX85, which I rode for 3 years!

We also accept direct consultations and casual questions from female riders ^ ^

Please feel free to contact us ☆

Assistant Watarai Izumi

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