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​Look for one that you can enjoy!

Handling manufacturer

Rise&Ride offers a wide range of new and used cars. Please let us know what you want to do, your budget, etc. Let us help you choose the best vehicle for you.
Why don't you come to Rise&Ride and join the happy owners?


●KX series

​ Various KLX series


●YZ series

● WR

​ SEROW Various

​HONDA, SUZUKI, overseas manufacturers

KAWASAKI, YAMAHA, HONODA, and SUZUKI, as well as BETA, SHERCO, FANTIC, and other overseas manufacturers, please contact us! ​

Popular kids' electric bikes/engine bikes are also available TORROT/Yotsubamoto etc.

Introducing popular electric motorcycles! !

As gasoline prices continue to rise,

"Electric motorcycles" are attracting attention! !

You can also take a test drive at our shop, so please contact us.




There are both competition specification cars and public road specification cars! The competition specification is light, powerful and speedy, and compact. The vehicle is light, so even women can enjoy it with peace of mind.
The public road specification is also light and easy to handle, so you can enjoy going out anywhere smoothly ^ ^ It is also comfortable as a commuter vehicle! !




​Electric bike for kids. (Do not drive on public roads)

MOTOCROSS/SUPERMOTARD/TRIAL lineup of 3 sizes! A full-fledged chain drive and outstanding appearance! Let's make a difference to rival kids! Immediate delivery is possible! *Test drive available


​ Yotsubamoto


​ popular electric bike for kids. (Cannot be driven on public roads) From a model designed for riders around 3 years old, to an advanced model that can be enjoyed in 2 different ways by changing the settings, such as trials and motocross from 9 years old, and an electric model that many kids can enjoy. It's a bike!

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