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​IA Watarai Off Road School

​Venue Narita Motocross Park

Course address: 1191-1 Tsutomiura, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture​

School participation fee Male ¥11,000 Female ¥9,500

1 *Narita MXP travel fee (4,000 yen for men, 2,500 yen for women) is included. Members are required to pay the school fee of 7,000 yen plus the member-applied traveling fee depending on the type of membership at the school reception​2 *If you wish to rent, you will be charged a separate rental fee. It takes

Payment Please pay by cash, PayPay, or credit card on the day. ​Please make a reservation for the school from the following page. ​​


Capacity: 10 people on weekends and holidays. There are no weekdays.

The minimum number of participants is 3.


​ We can also discuss individual holdings and visiting lecturers!


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. ​



  • ★☆☆☆☆ オフロードの基本姿勢、ブレーキング、コーナリングを習得します。バイク初心者の方でも安心して受講できます^^

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  • ★★☆☆☆ バイクの引き起こしや登り降り等。細い丸太にチャレンジ!

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  • ★★☆☆☆ ジャンプの基本フームからレクチャーしていきます!ジャンプが苦手な人はぜひ一緒に練習しましょう。

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    男性11000円 女性9500円

About rental

● Rental machine fee (one day): 7,500 yen

(Kids bike is 3,000 yen for half a day and includes equipment (Yotsubamoto, TORROT))

Variations of rental bikes

■XR100R HONDA (There are two)■
4 cycle 100cc. It has a compact body and is very comfortable on the feet.

It's one of the best for beginners. When a man jumps around the undercarriage

It's tough

■Serow 225W YAMAHA■
4-cycle 225cc Runs steadily even at low speed, without going too fast

Easy to handle.Equipped with a cell starter.

​ ■ Jebel 200 SUZUKI ■
4 cycle 200cc. There is a little weight, but the engine rotates even at low speed

don't get depressedIt is equipped with a self-starter that makes it easy to run.

2 cycle 220cc. Although it is an enduro racer, the engine characteristics are easy to handle,

Once you get used to it, the feeling of power is a lot of fun.

I think that it is tough unless it is a man because there is a seat height.

The exhaust sound that feels like "this is a 2-stroke" is also quite pleasant.

●Rental wear fee (one day)
・ Helmet: 500 yen
・ Wear set: 500 yen
・ Breast guard: 500 yen
・ Boots: 500

*The wear set includes MX pants, MX jersey, gloves and knee shin guard.

*Some sizes may not be available. Please note.

*The desired size will be distributed in order of reservation.

*If you rent boots, please prepare long socks. Thicker ones for skiing are recommended.

* Helmets and boots do not have to be for off-road use. As long as you have a knee guard (knee guard), you don't have to wear off-road only.

A sweatshirt that you don't mind getting dirty is enough on top of your clothes.

* If you would like to rent equipment, please let us know your height and body shape (normal, skinny, etc.) at the time of application.

Please enter. As much as possible, we will prepare clothing that fits your size.
*At this school, it is obligatory to wear a breast guard. Please be careful.


​Thank you for participating☆彡^^

■□■□■↓↓Media Introduction↓↓■□■□■

NTV's "Arashi Niyagare"... Masaki Aiba came to Narita MXP on a Chiba tour.

We had you experience off-roading under the guidance of Watarai.

Ami Kimura, who is familiar with Weekly Bike TV etc., is introducing it on the web ^^

■□■□■↓↓We heard from the participants↓↓■□■□■


Mr. Yoshinori Omanuma

I have been participating in the school for about 5 years. Now I can participate in the intermediate and advanced enduro school, and it's so much fun. I'm saved because I can learn maintenance and advice before the race \(^o^)/ Now I'm completely addicted to off-road. increase.


Ayako Uehara

The most appealing aspect of Watarai School is that the teachers stand by the student's perspective and support them. Even in group practice, we will guide you for each individual level. Don't hesitate to ask questions, consult, and practice together during the free time in the afternoon. If the timing is right, it is especially recommended to participate on weekdays.


Takayuki Miyamoto

It's my opinion of the school, but it's easy to understand! I think I'll be able to improve while making use of my personality because I'm solid~! Even if someone with a low level stretches out and comes to a higher level, I don't think they'll be afraid~ He gives lectures while looking at the individual~! I'm also a mini bike instructor. I'm using it as a reference.

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